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To penetrate the Christian faith, together with its diverse contents of faith, and make its lasting relevance plausible in the present day, dogmatics adopts an intra- and interdisciplinary approach. In an intra-disciplinary dialogue with other theological disciplines, the foundations, crucial developments and meaning of the faith are explored, starting with the Bible and ending with the present day. The interdisciplinary and interreligious dialogue is essential for “updating” the contents of the Christian faith and making them understandable in the various present-day contemporary contexts. While maintaining the disciplines’ respective boundaries and incorporating their meta-reflections on interdisciplinarity, research carried out at the Institute primarily combines natural science, cultural studies, art studies and theology. This intra- and interdisciplinary orientation triggers a deepened and updated reflection on faith, enabling its lasting relevance for church and society to be demonstrated.


Univ.-Prof.in DI (FH) Dr.in

Sibylle Trawöger

Heinrichstr. 78 B
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6126

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