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Fundamental Theology

God, revelation and the Church form the foundations of the Christian faith. Fundamental theology examines the reasonableness of these three foundations and attempts to justify them rationally. Fundamental theology, therefore, has nothing to do with fundamentalism. Quite the opposite: in no other theological subject is Christianity, and its claim to truth, put to the test as much as in fundamental theology. In this area, theology must prove its scientific nature; otherwise, the Christian truths of faith will lose credibility.

Today’s fundamental theology thus wants to demonstrate using reason that it is rationally justified to believe and that faith is not irrational. A rational justification of faith allows for the possibility that the worldview of a non-believer or the religion of a different believer can also be considered rational. Within fundamental theology, this forms the basis for an engagement with other worldviews and religions, ideally leading to a corresponding research-based dialogue (dialogue with natural sciences, interreligious dialogue, etc.). This subject area focuses on dialogue with art (media), non-Christian religions and other world views in a secular society.


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